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About David Nowland

David Nowland is a registered psychologist and a registered provider with Medicare. Along with advanced studies in counselling and psychology David has over 29 years experience and is a leading provider of professional psychology and counselling services for individuals, couples, organisations, corporations and groups based in Southport on the Gold Coast. His aim is to help you to achieve the change and transformation you want not just better coping.

Couple & Marriage Counselling

Anxiety and Depression Counselling

Sports & Performance Psychology

Addictions Therapy

Anger Management

Grief & Loss Support


“I teach all my clients practical powerful techniques that gives them the ability to renew, mend and refresh their relationship” 

Couples Counselling Gold Coast

David is a very experienced couples counsellor as well as a highly sought after 1-1 counsellor. David has been doing relationship counselling and marriage counselling for over 20 years and much of his business is generated by referrals from satisfied customers. 

His approach is based on the research and practice of Drs Julie & John Gottman, who have amassed over 45 years of ground breaking research about relationships.  David provides a relationship counselling structure that enables a couple to learn the practical tools and practices that will help them to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationship.  It is straight forward, uncomplicated, evidenced based framework so you can be confident that it is a proven relationship counselling and marriage counselling approach. 


David Nowland's Services

Psychology & Counselling Services

A significant majority of people will experience challenges which lead them to seek counselling and coaching. Feeling confused, depressed, anxious, angry and stressed at some point in your life is not unusual. It can be emotional and challenging. Help is available so you do not have to overcome life's challenges on your own.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is very common and there are several treatments that can successfully treat anxiety and provide relief from symptoms for different types of anxiety.

Couple Counselling

Challenges to a relationship can occur at any stage of the relationship and many couples will face issues and challenges at some point in their relationship that will require professional counselling.

Depression Counselling

The experience of depression can be very different for different people.  Psychological therapies have been found to be effective as depression treatment.

Performance Coaching

If you want to get the edge then spending more time using proven techniques and strategies will be a point of difference that your competitors may not have.

Anger Management

Anger management is necessary when it is hurting you and those around you including your family and children or people in the workplace or in public.

Sports Psychology

David has a keen interest in sports psychology. He has worked with national champions from a variety of sports, professional and amateur golfers, footballers, surfers and many more.

Addiction Therapy

Problems occur when the substance or interaction is potentially deadly or seriously destructive and the use moves from a tendency to habitual problem.

Psychology & Counselling

David's aim is to serve your needs and goals to help you achieve breakthroughs with transformations and self management with any psychological issue you may have.


Get in Touch

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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