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David has a keen interest in sports psychology. He has worked with national track and field runners, professional and amateur golfers, professional surfers, cricketers, basketball players, and soccer players to name a few.

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Gain the edge over your competitors & Dominate in your sport.

Performance in sport is proven to be enhanced with training in mental skills and sports psychology coaching. If you want to reach the elite level in your sport or just want to win the Club Championships then sports psychology coaching will give you the edge plus more enjoyment.

How important is the Mental game of Golf?

“At the recent World Scientific Congress of Golf in St. Andrews, a poll revealed that although elite players believe that mental skills are 50% to 80% of the game, the majority say they spend less than 10% of their practice time on them” Jaime Diaz, Golf Digest. 

If you want to get the edge then spending more time using proven techniques and strategies to improve the mental aspect of your golf game will be a point of difference that you will give you an advantage over a majority of your competitors.  Why? Because most professionals are not maximising their potential by putting in the effort and time required to developing a sound mental mindset.  Will you?  It is achievable and nowadays it is know what is required to achive a solid mental mindset for competative golf.  


  • Are you achieving the results that are moving you towards your goals and dreams?

  • Do you possess the mental toughness to grind it out under pressure? Do you know what it takes to achieve mental toughness?

  • If you don’t know exactly what it takes to be achieve mental toughness then make it your business to dedicate yourself to that pursuit.  

Any sports psychologist would agree that a lack of mental toughness affects us all to some extent and that this deficit is behind lack of achievement in elite golf. Once you have the basis of technical effectiveness, in particular with the wedges and putting,  then it is only mental toughness that limits what you can do.

Mental toughness includes the sum of the following: your ability to manage stress and anxiety (& other emotions), clear understanding of how your sport as your job fits with your personal values and vision for your life, clear vision and goals and knowing the reasons why you are striving to achieve them, commitment and daily action and practices towards goals and vision, and finally an unshakeable positive self belief in yourself.  The daily rituals, routines and habits both at home and on the field of play, are the actions that will set you up for world class performance.  In addition to this you need to possess sound reason and self awareness so that you can maake good decisions under pressure and make adjustments to your game.  

Greg Norman, former world #1 and two times Open Champain Golfer of the Year in 1986 & 1993 and  said prior to an Australian Tournament in 2003, “Everyone who is playing here has the ability to win, but the person who believes it the most will win on Sunday.”

That sums up the attitude of mental toughness. The sum total of all the facets of the my approach are the building blocks of mental toughness and they all point to that unshakeable self belief that Greg Norman was alluding to above.

Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 majors & the greatest golfer of all time had this to say:  Golf is an enjoyable challenge that involves "adjustment and emotion management".   Adjustment includes addressing what is before you and  also how you are swinging during that particular round or part of that round and making the necessary adjustments.  Emotion management is paramount to golf - the athlete is focused, calm and centred and believes that they are successful before they step onto the course - emotion management is a skill and trait of all champions.    

Two times PGA Champion (1970 & 1976) and Putting Guru Dave Stockton had this to say about the importance of the mental aspect of his golf game:

“In 1993, my second year on the Senior PGA Tour, I won five tournaments and $1,175,944, was leading money-winner, and was named Player of the Year. Yes, I made some physical improvements in my game but the main reason I had a year for me that was unbelievable is that I worked hard on the mental side of my game.”

That was a huge in 1993!

When will you have the mental certainty that comes from positive self belief and mental toughness?

When you know what to do to achieve mental toughness and remove the mental hurdles to your success you will unlock your potential to achieve the results you deserve.

Areas of the mental game of golf that I have had success in helping both professionals and amateurs with include the following.

  • Goal Setting: short term (planning) and long term goal setting

  • Vision setting: developing and maintaining a compelling vision

  • Mental preparation: scheduling, time management, prioritising and balancing your life

  • Visualisation as part of the pre-shot routine

  • Accessing Zone states

  • Removing belief barriers and fears that are blocking achievement of goals

  • Increasing Positive self-belief

  • Removing the negative thoughts and emotional blocks associated with past performance failures (as judged by you)

  • Eliminating the anxiety, nerves and fears associated with particular clubs

  • Removing the stress, anger and frustration arising from personal conflicts with other competitors, mentors and family life

  • Managing anxieties and fears around injuries

  • Changing “Comfort Zone” – I.e. from current belief about scoring to a better scoring self-belief

  • Developing ritual and habits for Practicing Mental Routines at home away from the golf course

The above successes have been quickly and easily achieved and have been permanent and you can do the same too

“Great golfers are simply ordinary people thinking well and doing extraordinary deeds.” Dr. Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist and Author.

World Class performance is not determined by ability, genetic, evolution, intelligence,; it is determined by the habits, rituals, and routines and the mindset.  Robin Sharma, Author  and Success Coach

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